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I have surfed the Net for lesson plans, and have found heaps...too many really. Teachers spend a massive amount of time creating lesson plans, and the Internet is just the place to find them... creative ideas!! Just do a search in one of these blocks on your left and you are on your way to getting ideas. Obviously the other 2 R's are coming.... !

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I choose the links that I feel can be useful as a teacher.

The Etcetera Pages for teaching

Public Speaking Activities: Resources here address how to teach speaking and language skills, with several exercises, skits, drills, and conver- sation topics.

Speaking Lesson Plan: This particular lesson plan focuses on asking questions and summarizing stories.

What Do I Say? Step-by-step instructions outline the process of giving speeches; middle to high school level.

Curtain Call: A Dramatic Approach to Detective Fiction From the Yale-New Have Teacher's Institute, this unit will study the theater in the form of three mystery plays, and analyze the critical elements through improvisation, writing activities, and fundamental critique.

Speaking and Listening Activities: While the full schedule of speaking and listening skills addressed in these activities are directed towards classroom use, still they reflect general etiquette, and can be applied to almost any social and conversational arena. Many activities in phone skills, meetings, introductions, etc. It also includes self and group assessment forms. This site would also prove useful for the teacher looking for speech and drama possibilities (below), as it offers
muchfor theater and role-playing. Very comprehensive site.

Solutions for Handling 117 Misbehaviors From the Agitator, to the Class Clown, the Cheater, the Dreamer, the Hyperactive. . . you've had some of these problem behaviors in your classroom. Here are identifying traits, how to handle them--as well as what not to do.

Decision Making in a Bomb ShelterYour mission, should you choose to accept it....The students' task here is no less than the survival of the human species. Given a cast of characters, a list of supplies, survival mechanics and a stringent code for survival, students must form a census on who is elected to survive, why, and how. An excellent, cooperative, mind-stretching exercise.

The Answer is... "The answer is 12. What is the question?" From this premise, students must cooperatively or singly think creatively and logically to come up with answers. The exercise can be extended or expanded for further use, but even such a short activity can effectively demonstrate creative thinking.

Decision making: The Muddy Gap Concert With maps, charts, graphs, and an activity worksheet, students will employ critical thinking skills in order to make sound decisions in a 5 step process, and then evaluate those decisions to see what they have learned.

General Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Preparation: While no such single example would fit all possible lessons, here is a good general format to follow.

Educational Technology Resources
Apple Global Education Are you a Mac user? This place is for you!
Teaching with Electronic Technology
Lesson Plan Preparation While no such single example would fit all possible lessons, here is a good general format to follow.
Lessons plans galore and to other links This is a school webpage.
The Lesson Plans Page, ideas for the classroom Claims of having more than 300 lessons
Education Place - Well worth the visit
Welcome to Teachnet.Com Another great place. Sign up to the digest version of this listserve
TEACHERS HELPING TEACHERS Another great place: hints on classroom management, discussions about educational issues.
Classroom Connect Well worth the visit. Subscribe to their newsletter and listserv and acquire useful ideas
Educational technologies @ TECFA excellent page for teaching technology

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