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  • Grammar Gorillas: Students will enjoy practicing and reinforcing their grammar skills with this online game from Funbrain. Both beginner and advanced levels are available.
  • Essay Instructions: As well as writing process instructions, students will find clear steps for writing various kinds of essays.
  • Teaching Creative Writing in High School: This site contains full content for teaching an entire course in creative writing; pick and choose what you would like to use. Included are segments on teaching style, narrative, dialogue, along with several creative writing lesson plans.
  • Multimedia Applications on a Shoe-String Budget is a website designed to acquaint middle school teachers with economical multimedia tools and ideas for web-based educational activities that they will be able to use or adapt in their classrooms.
  • Student Writing Center Activities, Worksheets, and Rubrics: Using the Student Writing Center software (from The Learning Company) this page offers several student writing activities and strategies, including story starters, lesson plans, worksheets, rubrics, students samples, and links.
  • Mystery Story Starters: Students can choose between two mystery story starters, or two mysteries to solve on their own.
  • Partner Book Project For a unique response to literature, students will write and exchange letters, journal-style, with another student who is reading the same book. Sample possible questions to include in the exchange are given. The work is graded on the completed correspondence journal.
  • Writing adventures: Here you will find an extensive series of high school writing lessons. Each section contains several lessons and evaluation resources. The evaluations are an excellent resource. Topics covered include: writing about plot, 100 journal topics, literary analysis, poetry project, activities for specific novels--and much more.
  • Berkeley Compendium of Teaching with Excellence Take your time in using this resource, since it covers so many topics. Included are: encouraging class discussion, summarizing major points, giving interesting assignments, relating to students... there is something for every teacher here.
  • Writing Prompts From the 6+1 Traits of Writing site, these prompts will help your students identify various types of writing, and find something specific they wish to discuss. Very student friendly...easy to understand.
  • Pinciples of Composition This is one of the best sitesfor writing resources, lessons, and ideas. The author is extremely thorough, covering all areas of composition, in an organized and well structured manner. These pages are great teacher resources, however, for the average student, it can be a bit word. Not a cut and dry dialoque.
  • Reference Desk for Writers Beyond a dictionary and thesaurus (which can come in awfully handy all by themselves!), this site also yields numerous handouts. Topics include technique, vocabulary, punctuation, documentation--as well as all items normally covered in an English grammar handbook. Great when you want to know when to use a semi-colon!
  • I have a topic, now what? Print this page out for your students to keep handy when starting to write... appropriately in outline form, it lists the beginning process of getting those ideas down on paper.
  • Daily Activity Card Archive These are great little reviews on grammar--use these ready-to-use "cards" to test and update your students' skills in verbs, pronouns, proofreading. Each week is themed. All archived activities are available up to the present date. Excellent for ESL students as well.
  • Purdue's Online Writing lab, handouts Explore this site for a wealth of writing resources. This particular page contains handouts on every aspect of the writing process, from punctuation and parts of speech, to research papers and spelling. If you're an English teacher and haven't discovered this site yet, get over there and check it out!
  • The studyweb online site at has many dozens of grammar sites for teacher resources. In fact, this award-winning site has a collection of over 100,000 reviewed and rated links in virtually every subject matter. *****

Teaching Journals for Foreign Language Teachers

  • Trends in Foreign Language Teaching Forum Look here for discussions on foreign language teaching methods, classroom activities, teacher-training, curriculum and syllabus design, etc. Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • A Communications Technology Module for the Foreign Lang. Methods Course This module was designed by Jean LeLoup of SUNY, to support the integration of technology into language curriculum. Learn the basics of the tools, and design lesson plans.
  • The Language Teacher Online from the Japan Association for Language Teachers. This online journal provides numerous and varied resources for foreign language teachers. The JALT is geared towards TESL and TEFL, but the journal contains articles for all language teachers. Definitely worth bookmarking!
  • Language, Learning, and Technology "A journal for second and foreign language educators", with great articles in the use of technology in this discipline. Also, you can respond to a call for papers on literacies and technologies.
  • TESL Journal This is from Berkeley University.
  • NCLE Digests Researching about ESL. Here are article from Eric Digest.
  • Center for Applied Linguistics-  A good place your ESL research
  • Another useful site is Dave's Cafe. I believe it is now reknown in the small world of cyberspace. It also has an extensive Job Offer section. If you want to go overseas, this is the first place to look. Many jobs are in Asia, but not exclusively to this part of the world. The Chat Room, the Lesson Plan areas are all available.

Check out these other sites as well.

  • English to Go Get weekly English-To-Go lessons in your email. They have 100's of interesting lessons, warmers and grammar tips to bring English language teaching alive in your classroom.
  • Grammar Rock Do you need some songs to go with your lessons?
  • Writing HTML: A Tutorial in Spanish For Spanish classes, for Spanish-speaking students, for native Spanish speakers, or for anyone who simply wants the challenge of taking a good html tutorial in the Spanish language!
  • This is the place to start your Spanish search. It has links to most Spanish newspapers, news groups, Spanish lesson and it's very own search engine.
  • TESL  Activities for ESL Students by many teachers from around the world
  • The Best of Latingteach: Teaching Latin? Here are lesson plans submitted by teachers. ...classroom ideas, activities, reviews, projects...
  • Links to ESL sites includes listing of journals, Frizzy University Network, an online learning environment for EFL/ESL students worldwide, Spanish On-Line etc.
  • The World Wide Words A dictionary of many words :)
  • Spain and all about Spanish Very comprehensive site...spanish search engines, sites for newspapers etc
  • Internet Activites for Foreign Language Classes A great resource on these pages for any foreign language teacher, especially those interested in incorporating technology with their language classes. Scroll down mid-page to find several sample lessons in French, Italian, Spanish and German.

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  • The Internet TESL Journal A monthly resource on the web, covering lesson plans, teaching techniques, articles, projects, games, activities--you name it! A great resource, with many useful links. Archived issues available, as well as handouts and ESL lessons.
  • EFL/ESL Teacher's Room Another great resource, with loads of classroom activities, lesson plans, handouts, workshops--and a job board!
  • ESL Teaching Resources A resource guide of teaching methods for ESL instructors, from New Brunswick, Canada, Dept. of Education. Tips forapproaches to teaching; teaching and learning methods;etc. Much useful info. here, with appendices for activities at all levels.
  • Translations A one word translator, called Babylon, to translate Dutch,French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, andPortugese into English. Downloads free to Windows '95 or '98.


  • ESL Online magazine "Topics" is an online interactive ESL magazine for both students and teachers. Teacher's Corner has techniques, projects, & ideas.
  • Cookbook of ESL Ideas From Dave's Cafe. 23 categories with well over 400 activities and suggestions in this teacher exchange. Some valuable tips available for all teachers, not just ESL; such as Discipline, Ice Breakers, etc.
  • Listening Lab real audio to provide a listening lab for ESL students; all levels of difficulty and skill. Good for self-learners with activities for each listening session. Need Real Player which can be downloaded from the Net.



Older Student Site:

  • Test Junkie Many of these tests/quizzes are pure fun; though someare serious-minded. All, however, will test your skillsin English.


  • The German Electronic TextbookTwo main categories make this book a great reference, for students or teachers. The sub-categories are very straightforward, as well as comprehensive.
  • The German LanguageThough some of the links are outdated, this page nevertheless contains many worthwhile resources for teaching and learning the German language: grammar, vocabulary, quizzes, culture, music, literature, etc. Other landguages to learn are Croatia, Russian, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Albanian, Chinese, and Polish. Offers beginner lessons, newspapers links, exercises etc.
  • Cooperative Learning Activities in Modern Languages: some very good activities for both French & German here. Links to other sites that offers language course, etc.


  • Italian Language ResourcesFrom Vassar College Library; their list is vast! Choose from Italian language, culture, literature, politics & government, geography, art . . . A great place to start if you need Italian links.
  • Internet Activites for Foreign Language Classes A great resource on these pages for any foreign language teacher, especially those interested in incorporating technology with their language classes. Scroll down mid-page to find several sample lessons in French, Italian, Spanish and German.


  • Japanese Language Course OnlineAn interactive, online course in the Japanese language. It has many features: an alphabet comparison between our letters and Japanese sounds; lessons on time, money, family, weather.
  • Japan CentralLearn something of Japanese culture as you also learn the Japanese language.

......FRENCH SQUARE.......

  • American Assos. of Teachers of FrenchResources for French teachers; from teaching with the internet to promoting French.
  • Creative French Teaching MethodesWith lessons, class projects...
  • Beginning French Lessons From International Language Development, with audio. Start with lesson 1, Greeting, and progress on up through lesson 20. With vocabulary, grammar, culture and exercises included.
  • French 100 Course (Hit "Autre" at this site) From Queens University in Canada, this is an intermediate course in French, assuming you already have a basic understanding of the language. Mostly grammar taught here, but very good lessons in grammar!
  • French for Travellers With an online dictionary and pronunciation guide, this site actually has over 70 (!) foreign languages to learn! You can select French, then select a category or phrase list you wish to learn; e.g. shopping/dining/directions/basic words, etc.
  • French Cooking! Now who can resist la cuisine francaise?? From La Cuisine de Veronique, how about trying some crepes, or gateau de saumon?
  • French Grammar Central Almost 400 links take you to specific grammar resources for the French language, with over 100 activities included.
  • French Lessons from Everywhere . . . and they mean it! From Beginner's French, to traveller's needs, AP French -- you name it; chances are high you'll find resources here to help you.
  • Internet Activites for Foreign Language Classes A great resource on these pages for any foreign language teacher, especially those interested in incorporating technology with their language classes. Scroll down mid-page to find several sample lessons in French, Italian, Spanish and German.
  • Casa de Joanna Teaching French or Spanish? Casa Joanna has links for you. Find language websites that contain thematically organized authentic links for Spanish teachers. There are also links to French and Spanish language search engines and portals/web guides.

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.... ESPANOL...LESSON BANK....Spanish& ESL Lessons From recitations, folk art, cultural lessons, to vocabulary with audio--you'll find many lessons to choose from here, for all ages. Check the past offerings as well.

  • Pagina de la Lengua Espagno l6 major links here will take you to resources for vocabulary, grammar, etc.
  • Mexico -- A Mini-Unit: Several classroom activities explore the culture and geogra- phy of Mexico, including flags, family, Spanish, houses, more.
  • Hispanic World Units
  • Learn Spanish! Helpful site for Spanish teachers or those wanting to attempt to learn the Spanish language online. There are currently 52 free tutorials available, mostly in grammar, but some on other subjects as well (e.g. days of the week, cardinal numbers, or months and seasons). At least 5 more lessons are planned additions by the end of the summer. You can also try practice exercises, or submit your answers to a test online.
  • Spanish Vocabulary BuilderListed by categories such as foods, animals, sports, etc, this is a good site for a beginning Spanish language student to build up his/her vocabulary skills and confidence. Click on the picture in your category (try remembering and saying the name first of course!), then hear the word with Sound Machine.
  • Learning Mexican SpanishA series of three main lessons by Tyler Jones, to teach Mexican Spanish. A nice feature in these lessons is the new word list, where you can click on the word to hear it pronounced correctly. Also included are lessons in pronunciation, with key features isolated to help you quickly learn a basic working knowledge of the language.
  •  DR. Ris Spanish Trix PagesFind a fun attitude towards learning Spanish from the numerous lessons here in grammar and pronunciation. Also, the Big Kahuna parts 1 and 2 present two semesters of printable elementary Spanish grammar. Sample quizzes here too.
  • Basic Spanish for the Virtual StudentThis site includes over 50 units of comprehensive Spanish lessons covering all phases of grammar,along with thematic modules. These are excellent lessons for a solid introductory course in Spanish language, for either teachers or students (or both!) to use.
  • Temas--Spanish Lessons Spanish instructors will find this site very useful! While these sets of lessons in grammar, phrases, themes, etc. contains French & German language lessons as well (hey, why not learn 3 new languages at once!), the Spanish lessons are nevertheless still easily accessible.
  • Spanish 101 Review Exercises Now that you've learned the Spanish language in one week of classes (si?!) you must be ready to test yourself! Okay, so you'd rather test your students instead? Try this site then, with many exercises to select from in Spanish grammar.
  •  Electronic Spanish FlashcardsFlashcard-type drills in vocabulary, verb conjugation and grammar skills.


....BON VOYAGE! through Internet resources for Spanish sites..

  • Mundo 21 From Brigham Young University, study Spanish through a tour and lessons of latin countries. Each country you click on gives facts, resources, lessons and links to learn more. You can virtually visit every hispanic country in this tour alone! The site also provides a valuable resource for those who are lucky enough to actually travel to these places, with online journals and newsgroups also included.
  • CiuddFutura! Today we visit the CyberCity of the Future! But here and now, you can read your horoscope, get a Spanish recipe, read news and articles, inform yourself or find numerous outlets of entertainment in the hispanic world and language!
  • El Indice de Empressas e Instruciones This site is written in Spanish, and will take you to many links covering Spanish life and culture.
  • Cyber Spain! Take a detailed virtual journey through Spain! Learn its culture, geography and history. Can't get to Sevilla or Cordoba this summer? You can pretend here, and almost feel you've actually gone there!
  •  BBC Crucial Travel Phrases in SpanishLost somewhere in Espana? (Sure, we really feel sorry for you!) Need to order some tapas, or a full meal? Here are the essential phrases you will need to know to ask directions, order in a restaurant, etc. in any Spanish locale.
  • Spanish for Travellers/ Espanol Para Viajeros You select a category of words and phrases, such as directions or shopping and dining, submit it, and receive the appropriate word and phrase list. All of this comes with its own audio file, so you will also learn how to correctly pronounce those words and phrases. Practice a few times, take a quick quiz on-site, then grab that luggage and say "buenas dias" in,hmmm...... Puerto Rico maybe, or Venezuela, Mexico, Chile...or how about Cuba, Argentina, the Honduras, or hey, Spain!


  • Atajos-buscalo Looking for Spanish websites? Here are 30 search engines to do the job for you!
  • Magellan Magellan is a site of bilingual science fiction stories, a wonderful and entertaining way to practice your Spanish! And if you just can't stumble your way through the climax any longer to find out who did what where and why, then you can always resort to the English version!
  • El Pais Digital Ready to try an online Spanish newspaper? Here's a good one!
  • Spanish Food / Recetas de Espana Paella, flan, tortillas, Spanish Christmas recipes... a gazpacho guaranteed to put hair on your chest! For these and less hairy recipes, this site will tempt your tastebuds and get you cooking Spanish-style!
  • Latin American Job Fair A Global Market, offering all variety of fields of employment in Latin America, is what you will find here.
  • Spanish Wine! This page will take you through all the nuances of vino; also visit wineries, learn about Spanish cuisine, or even go to Madrid restaurants for wine lovers!
  • Mundo Hispano If you're ready to try out your Spanish skills, or just want to chat with some native speakers, here is a popular Spanish chat site.
  •  Flamenco! A flamenco page with links to flamenco festivals everywhere, as well as articles on the music, art and history of flamenco dancing.
  •  TECLA Tecla: for learners and teachers of Spanish, with an online archive going back to 1994 and a searchable thematic index. In Spanish.
  • Aztec Student Teacher Resource Center An excellent site! For anything at all to do with the Aztec world, this page has resources and links. Medicine, agriculture, religion, sacrifices, rulers--click away! Also link to an excellent paper on Cortez, containing 5 of his letters.
  • The Spanish Conquest of Mexico Written by Ben Hulse of Harvard, this paper details histories of both Spanish and Aztec peoples, and Cortez's conquest.
  • Aztec Account of the Conquest

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