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New Zealand General Sites

New Zealand Infrequently Asked Questions A guide to New Zealand, including travel, NZ'ers in USA, life in NZ
Wine On Line - New Zealand A list of all winemakers in NZ. Addresses available to order offline
New Zealand Government Web Pages NZGO is the Official Gateway to New Zealand Government. This website provides an overview of New Zealand and its government, access to government services information, as well as government agency contact details.
National Library of New Zealand Home Collection Timeframes. Looking for old pictures of New Zealand? Here is a collection. You need to log in first, then take a long look
NZ.Com This site is provides resources for and about New Zealand.Contains marketing , businesses and direct sales on New Zealand goods. not just sheep! There's a guidebook,virtual tours and onlinemarketplace.
ALCP NZ's excellent resource about cannabis. Look at their governmental press releases!
Scoop NZ Do you want to know what is happening in NZ.... This site has every facet of issues, from politics, to social, to educational. I give it 5 stars.
Radio NZ Something like the BBC. When you first arrive, Real Player starts up and you listen to what's going on in the world A website full of everything you want to know about, TV guide and all This site is competition to

Careers and Jobs

New Zealand Education Gazette If you want a teacher's job, look here.
InfoTech New Zealand- A weekly magazine about the latest IT development. Also a place to find IT jobs.
JobNetIT Temporary and full time jobs availabl.e

People and email finders

If you really want to find that person, try one of these. However, remember, you are looking for a needle in a haystack!

Bigfoot People Finder

Internet Address Finder

Excite People Finder

Telephone Directories on the Web

NZ Telecom (White Pages)Directory Search

NZ Email Address Finder

Use Net People Finder

WhoWhere? Search Engine

World Email Directory Search


Do you in the part of the world where you need to convert money, time, weight measurements? Are you a math teacher who wants to intergrate the Internet in your classroom?


World Master Clock- What time is it?

Universal Currency Converter

Weight Converters

Local Times around the World

Currency Comparison Page

Search Engines

Windweaver- search for search engines There are more than 100 100's search engines...
Image Surfer Are you looking for a picture of The Beatles, or Cindy? Landscape shots? This is a good place!
Northern Light Search I really enjoy using this search engine. It finds links that other search engines miss.
DOGPILE Multi Search This is the search engine that I use the most. I rather enjoy it's ability to look through multi search engines. It finds the first 10 hits for each engine...meaning, it will only give you the matching keywords
Needle in a CyberStackthe InfoFinder Check this one out. Everything you may want under the sun...museums, medical, references, search engines etc..
Infoplease Find answers in their almanacs, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. The answers come down in the form like information, not links to pages.
Starting Point Like the name says, it's a good place to start out. Weather, stock quotes, and it offers email
Search NZ A New Zealand seach engine
Access NZ Another NZ search engine. If I were to choose between both of these, I would chose this one.

Health Sites

NZ Cyber Chemist- online shop

Enigma Group - NZ site

Health Finder

NZ Hospitals online

NZ Health

The RX Drug List

The (NZ) Doctors

NZ Health Guide Online

Health Mall- takes long to download

Men’s Health


Biosciences - Harvard

Dictionaries and references

OneLook Dictionaries

Virtual Reference Desk A-Z

The World Wide Words

World Dictionaries

Ready Reference Links

Merriam Webster Online Thesaurus

CIA WORLD Factbook

Guitar Sites

The Online Guitar College Excellent place to learn guitar online


Weather Sites & Maps

NZ Weather

Maps of Australia & SW Pacific

NZ Met Service

World Maps

Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones - current, global

NZ Maps

International Weather

Cities & Maps Search


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