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Welcome to Infocrumb, a place trying to make peace in this infomania world. Infocrumb seeks to neatly repackage the wealth of information on the Net and share it in new info-loaves, particularly in the teaching field. "Internet Overload" is a real possibility. I've selected choice crumbs off the Net that I feel will help you digest "Internet Overload". Feel free to browse and don't forget to take your free samples with you. Remember, the ghost is only looking out for your sanity!

If you are a teacher and would like to use the Internet in your classroom in a fun and educational way, you might like ot check out the Mystery Crumbs. Solve a mystery with another school.

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Mystery Crumbs

Solve a mystery with another school. The mystery of the missing boat on the Avon River. A school web project created by your very own Crumbmaster.


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The Life and Time of the Crumbmaster

How my teaching life all began.... what I remember of it, anyways !

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 Web Quests: these quests are getting more and more popular for intergrating computers with classroom studies. They are a wonderful tool to use.

Links to education journals, New Zealand Teaching, Educational Resourcesgifted education, accelerated learning and SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities)
Links to internet lessons, software applications in the classroom, online tutorials,
Computer Resources
software for teachers to use, and staff development ideas for the one computer classroom.
Hablas espanol?
Parlez-vous francais? languageDo you want to learn it or teach it?
Loads of Spanish, French and English (ESL) sites.
This is an excellent way of using the Internet in your classroom.
Classroom Web Projects
Links to what's out there, and how to get involved.
Lesson plans in science,music & art, movement, The Three R's in motion, and reading.
Some links on New Zealand, measurement converters, health, My Favourite Links
and other zanny ones!


This is a dual countryship effort site.

Living in the South Pacific

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