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Ever wonder how you can incorporate the Internet into your classroom. These following links provide a wide variety of uses. Some I have done with my grade 2/ 3 class, and others are those I found on the Net while surfing for projects. I have developed an Internet project called the Mystery Crumb (see right below). It is a mystery where two schools/classrooms are given clues to solve a missing boat mystery. 

Create Talking Books From a kindergarten teacher's story of being inept with technology, to biting the bullet and creating talking books, to then having her students create their own talking books--this teacher includes how-to's, along with curriculum and resource planning for this project.

Email Around the World What better way for your students to get used to the internet, while learning a few good geography lessons, than to collect epals around the world? Here is a lesson plan for just such a adventure, incorporating appropriate internet terms and procedures.

Computer Lab Detective: Webquest for early education This webquest is a great starting place for teaching your elementary students about using computers and the web! Students grade themselves on their ability to use a searching tool, all positive feedback. They will learn how to send an email, explore Eric Carle's page, discover a musical website, etc. A webquest that provides a fun and enabling intro to computer/internet use.

Designs for Telecollaboration and Telepresence Did you say you wanted to use the Internet in your classroom and be in touch with other schools... and do projects? Check this out, especially Chapter 2. You can't say that you can't find any projects on the web!

The Module Maker Here is step-by-step instruction in developing an online research module for your students. It provides a solid base for outlining the research cycle, then developing it.

Museum Mania On-line Treasure Hunt This is a very good way of introducing the Internet to kids. It's a hunt. Not a Moa hunt, (thank God... they're extinct) but a hunt. There are questions on the webpage, and you must find the answers on the pages linked to museum sites. Some may say that it doesn't have a 'research' component to it as the links are already there, nevertheless, it provides students with a sense of Internet Searching Skills as it may very well be their first real hunt.

OnlineClass:Internet Education Projects This is a place to find an Internet Project that you can do with your class.

WebQuest This is becoming very popular.... It has a list of subjects for "questing". Once students are comfortable with the search, they can create their own quest. Everything you need to know is there. Go to my Webquest Page to see more webquests

Aero Design Team Online Get involved in this interactive, online project from NASA. It enables teachers and students to interact with science professionals, to design inquiries, and develop projects in collaboration with the online team. This year, the aeronautics team is designing a Wright Brothers airplane, and will test it to see if it will fly. Teachers' lessons and curriculum are readily available.

Messages: How do we communicate From "What's the Big Deal About the Internet?" to non-verbal communication, or "Is There Anybody Out There?", this online science exhibit from the Boston Museum of Science explores how we deal with communication. It includes great activities and experiments, with scientific essays and links as well. Try out the Six Degrees of Separation email project, or debate whether the internet has made us truly a global community, or has instead led to isolation.

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I choose the links that can be useful as a teacher.

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